More companies have taken to the trend of outsourcing part or all their supply chain and logistics services. They are becoming increasingly aware that they can gain a competitive and economic advantage and increase productivity and customer satisfaction by outsourcing their supply chain and logistics requirements. Outsourcing logistics services also allows companies to focus on their core business, reduce costs, lower capital investments and better manage volume peaks and uneven demand cycles throughout the year. 


However, not all companies and supply chains are suited for outsourcing. LogiChain Solutions, LLC has extensive experience with outsourcing services using 3PLs, co-packers and other logistics providers. The first step in our approach is always to assist our clients to determine if outsourcing is the right strategy.


We focus mainly on outsourcing services in logistics, warehousing, and global transportation. We provide wide-ranging and long-term support for your supply chain management, from strategy development, its conception to successful implementation and start-up. Many outsourcing initiatives fail because of various reasons. Successful outsourcing begins with comprehensive understanding of the company’s requirements and logistics processes and runs through the start-up preparation, go live and monitoring of the logistics partner’s performance during the first few months. Our emphasis is always on finding the right cultural fit between the company and the logistics partner and getting the best value for money rather than just the lowest price.

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