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  • Comprehensive experience in operations, supply chain and logistics in the consumer goods industry, from working in North America, Europe, Latin America, India and Asia Pacific.

  • I have designed, implemented and managed end-to-end supply chains, including infrastructure, processes, and operations in dynamic, high growth, and seasonal markets.

  • My passion is in transforming operations and enabling organizations to reach and sustain outstanding commercial success.

  • I have a proven track record in the design and implement of effective systems and processes that deliver customer satisfaction, cost savings and business growth.

  • Effective in change management, continuous improvement, and project management.


Providing comprehensive support and solutions to food and beverage companies to scale operations and optimize supply chain while considering sustainable practices throughout all elements of the value chain.

Thanks to Rene's design of a temperature controlled supply chain, we have ensured that our chocolate products don't get damaged during storage and transportation.

- Chocolate Client


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