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Optimized Cocoa Bean Supply Chain

LogiChain Solutions was approached by a large U.S. chocolate company looking to streamline the cocoa bean supply chain from the various ocean ports in the United States to all of their factories.



The client had different processes in place to supply cocoa beans to its various factories from the different ports of arrival in the United States. 


They were also interested in evaluating alternative supply solutions of cocoa beans to their factories, for example transporting the cocoa beans in super sacks or bulk trailers.    


Action Steps

Rene mapped out and described the cocoa bean supply chain from all the U.S. ports to the various factories, including cost comparisons. 


He visited multiple cocoa bean warehouses in order to better understand the processes, challenges, and requirements that were being faced. This allowed him to provide recommendations for an optimized and streamlined supply chain and benchmark them against other key industry players.



Through Rene’s work, the client gained an overall understanding of the entire cocoa bean supply chain in the United States with detailed descriptions of the processes, services, suppliers, and costs along the value chain. 


Based on the assessment, the client was able to streamline the cocoa bean supply chain, drive cost savings, mitigate risks, and improve quality control.

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