Supply chain diagnostics provide a snapshot of the health and maturity of the company’s supply chain.  We will identify challenges and risks while establishing the potential for cost savings, shorter lead-time, efficient use of assets and improved customer service. The diagnostic focuses on all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain.

Every supply chain development initiative starts with an understanding and evaluation of the performance of the existing supply chain. A comprehensive, objective, quantitative, and actionable analysis reveals areas in need of improvement across the organization, its processes, systems, and infrastructure. The diagnosis focuses on areas with immediate potential for improvement and transformation road maps.


Our approach includes:

  • Understanding the company’s mid-term business goals and strategic plan

  • Evaluating needs, objectives, and identified pain points by key stakeholders

  • Reviewing market and industry dynamics and their impact on the company’s operations

  • Detailed and fact-based analysis of every section of the end-to-end supply chain

  • Mapping supply chain processes

  • Identifying customer requirements and supplier capabilities

  • Measuring supply chain performance

  • Comparing the results against industry and global best practices and benchmarks

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