LogiChain Solutions, LLC helps companies translate their corporate vision into supply chain strategies that align their processes and operating models with their business strategy. We design, develop, and implement supply chain strategies that create resilient supply chains that deliver positive results, reduce costs, and improve overall service.


We start by understanding the company’s business goals and its clients’ expectations. We work with companies to develop end-to-end supply chain strategies addressing the following key elements:

  • Trading partners

Align the supply chain strategy with the business goals, evolving market environment, customer expectations and supplier capabilities.

  • Organization

Align and prioritize supply chain competitive needs and cost-to-serve models with specific customer segments. Define roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of organizations involved in the supply chain organization and their interactions with the rest of the business.

  • Processes

Design the supply chain processes as defined by SCOR: plan, source, make, deliver, return, and enable and review the physical network, both for inbound and outbound elements.  

  • Technology

Translate the defined process requirements into a supply chain information-technology roadmap that supports the overall supply chain strategy objectives.

  • Infrastructure

Evaluate and optimize the supply chain infrastructure; both the physical and informational assets required to run a supply chain.

  • Performance management

Identify key supply chain performance metrics and assemble appropriate benchmark comparisons that enhance improvement measures.

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