Green supply chain management (SCM) involves integrating environmental concerns into supply chain management. Green SCM recognizes the disproportionate environmental impact supply chain processes have in an organization and aims to mitigate wastage by reducing emissions, energy and solid waste along the supply chain.


Many companies believe that going green leads to additional costs. However, empirical evidence has proven that a green supply chain has a positive long-term net impact on the financial performance of an organization.


Logistics has many areas where companies can become more efficient and sustainable. The high transportation and energy costs in distribution networks see significant benefits to applying green supply chain policies. This can be achieved through reduction in energy, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, increased use of multi-modal transportation networks and reduced packaging. The environmental footprint of warehouses can be improved by the architectural design of the building, the use of material, and applying energy-efficient options including lighting and solar panels.


Apart from financial gains, a green supply chain enhances operations through process innovation, productivity gains, reduced cycle times, continuous improvements and better alignment between business processes and organizational principles.


On top of green logistics, LogiChain Solutions, LLC, supports companies by re-examining their entire end-to-end supply chain and identifying efficiencies in sourcing, planning and managing the use of materials.

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